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CONFES project aims to evolve the architecture of existing wireless-optical broadband transmission networks, to serve both next generation mobile networks and fixed metropolitan networks.
Specifically, the objectives of the Project are the following:

  • Overall architecture definition of a hybrid wired/wireless network infrastructure, with guaranteed quality and high end-to-end efficiency.

  • Implementation of appropriate traffic management entities in both the base station (BS-ODORA) and the optical element domain (ONU/OLT-ODORA), as well as the allocation protocol (ODORAP) of the backhaul resource requirements from base stations to the optical network.

  • Integration of the CONFES solution in commercially available management platforms of new generation systems (LTE).

  • Trial and operation demonstration, analysis of results and technical evaluation of the CONFES solution.

  • Conduction of techno-economic studies to investigate the commercial feasibility of the solution, based on CONFES use-case scenarios incorporated to existing/future networks, telecommunication traffic models, charging parameters, SLAs between involved parties (network/service operators, users), etc.

  • Architecture expansion consideration for integrating WDM technologies, to meet future capacity requirements while minimizing the cost of infrastructure upgrades.

BS: Base Station
ODORA: Optical & Dynamic Optical resource Allocation
ODORAP: Optical & Dynamic Optical resource Allocation Protocol
ONU: Optical Network Unit
PON: Passive Optical Network